Tenant Questionnaire

So that we can make sure you are aware of the requirements of your association, please complete this new tenant questionnaire.

Your information will always be kept private and will only be used for your association’s records.

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First, let’s talk about your property.

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Address such as: “1234 East Main Street”
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Any unit or apartment numbers such as: “Apartment 123”
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Tell us who is on the lease at this address.

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Lessee 2 (If Applicable)

Lessee 3 (If Applicable)

Lessee 4 (If Applicable)

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What is the best way to contact the tenants if needed? Don’t worry, it’s only for your association’s records.

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Next, tell us about who else is living this address.

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Next we’ll discuss if the tenants have any pets.

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Next we’ll need some information on the tenant’s vehicles

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Vehicle 2 (If Applicable)

Vehicle 3 (If Applicable)

Vehicle 4 (If Applicable)

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